Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My First Review - CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm

Personal interest: My mother's voice in the back of my head: "You would look better with a little color on your lips." - Thanks, I guess.

Also, cold weather is closing in and crusty lips are a sure way to turn away the hot men, and anyone with the gift of vision for that matter.

Color: Clove
First seen: Magazine Ad
Features: It's a gloss and it's a balm. What more could you ask for.
Benefit: SPF 15, natural coloring
Enticed by: "natureluxe" - I'm a sucker for anything natural... Well played, CoverGirl.
Purchased at: Walgreen's

My Experience:
When I looked in the mirror I wondered where those wonderfully moisturized, perfectly colored smackers came from. Then, I bowed my head and said a little "thank you" to the lip gods. I am always in the market for lip treatments that have a little color, (thanks again, Mom) give a little shine, and most of all protect from the elements. This product provides it all.

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