Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bikini Waxing - A Guide in Detail

As a former (hence, jobless) receptionist at a waxing salon, I would get a lot of questions from first timers.  Through the experience, I learned more than I ever thought (or wanted) to know about getting a vag wax.

So here it is: A guide to getting your first bikini wax.


There are a couple different types of bikini waxes available.  Every place is different, but this is how European Wax Center categorizes the options...

Bikini Line: a strip off the top and one off each side.
Bikini Full: as much or as little off the front (yes, that does include EVERYTHING)
Brazillion: Same as bikini full, but includes the "butt strip"  (again, every place does it different but basically a "butt strip" entails laying on your stomach and holding your butt cheeks apart).

Make an appointment around a time you are not doing anything else before.  A lot of people would call and make a "reservation" right after another appointment, right after class, after work, etc.  For other things, this is a reasonable and time convenient thing to do.  For waxing, it is not.  The process is already awkward enough, so give yourself time to at least body shower before.  (Side note: We had wet wipes in the bathroom, but you won't know if other places do until you get there.  I personally would not risk it.)

Also, don't make the appointment a week before or after surfin' the crimson wave (Clueless reference, anyone?).  It hurts a lot more around then.


A lot of people would call and ask what they should wear.  Some places give you weird little underwear for just a line, but Wax Center does not do this.  Basically, you walk into the room and "undress from the waist down" while the waxer is still in the room (reason: they don't want curious people to touch the wax and other things in the room).  It seems awkward, but they are preparing the wax and don't actually just stand there and watch.  And, they are going to see everything anyways.

Also, don't feel awkward when they are waxing you.  They see it literally all day, everyday.  As long as you don't have something seriously strange going on down there, it's just another job.

When she grabs the wax, breath in.  As she rips, breath out.  It helps.


TIP your waxer!  She might have just caused some serious pain (really, its not that bad), but she had to cause that pain in a pretty intimate place, so tips are appreciated (consider it masochistic appreciation).  If you pay with a card, there is no tip line on the receipt.  The receptionist should ask before they run your card if you would like to add gratuity, but ask about it if they don't ask you first.


Hair grows in 3 different stages (which is why you have to do so many laser removal sessions... they are removing different hair in different growth patterns).  That being said, not all the hair is removed with the first wax.  After about 3 waxes the hair will all start growing in together, and you will then get the full 3-4 weeks out of each wax.  DO NOT shave in between waxes... doing so only restarts the process.


To get people started, European Wax Center offers a free wax for first time guests. For women, it's a free eyebrow, underarm, or bikini line.  A full or Brazillion upgrade is half off (full - $17.50, braz - $21) for first time guests.

Good luck and Happy Waxing!

Love to all,

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