Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

So I tried to rag curl my hair last night...

I read a tutorial (looked at pictures) on how to do it and came out with high hopes. So, I cut a perfectly good white T into 1 1/2 thick strips, as instructed. Then I rolled my damp hair around said strips, and tied the ends together. Step 3: Sleep on it.

I woke up this morning and mentally picked out what I was going to wear with my beautiful locks. That took a lot of morning effort, because really, it's tough to match "I could possibly be going to yoga later" with a fresh (semi permanent) perm.

Aglow with the thought of how pretty I was going to be with my little girl inspired hair-do I sashayed out of bed and fired up the Keurig for a Donut House Coffee... it was going to be a good morning, I could feel it.

I hadn't even washed my face yet, so I though it best to keep this picture focused on the issue at hand...

Ok, so it didn't turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it (or how it looked in the tutorial).

Some of them turned out ok... (so, that was my bad)

I tried anything you can do with a pony tail holder (which only angered it), but there was just no way to hide it.

I made an executive decision against using heat to fix this, so I used some good ole H2O...

I like to think since I drink a lot of water it responds well to my outsides as well as my insides.

(Erin, what really happened is I combed through it with a wet brush then went through and twisted sections together, put a bobby on the end, and blow dried on low. Then I did that a couple more times since it really was like a Chia Pet to start with. Voila.)

I was feeling fancy and had some time to kill (since my class had ended already) so I decided to add some flair:

Business Lesson: Contingency Planning

Silver Lining: We didn't do clicker points today, so the time I would have spent on Twitter was put to better use. I guess everything does happen for a reason.

Love to all,

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